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artcollection's Journal

The Art Collection
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Hello and welcome to The Art Collection. My name is KittyQuat. This community was made specifically so that artists could post their work and share it with others. Art Collection encourages members to express their ideas and opinions through there work. Please feel free to open up, don't be afraid of being judged; that's not what this community is about. This is a safe zone, where artists can pretty much let loose. Feel free to post your masterpieces, brows through other artist's work, and definitely post comments. Artists like to know that there work is appreciated. One more thing, This community accept most art forms, so don't feel confined to any one medium or genre. You can even make posts about your talent as a writer, actor, dancer, musician, Manga artist, fashion designer, etc. It doesn't matter as long as it pertains to art somehow. My hope is that this will become a community where artists can let loose a little and express themselves more freely. However I have devised a few simple rules to keep things under control.


1. I do not condone intolerance. Members are encouraged to comment on posts made by others
but put-downs are not allowed here. Please keep an open mind and remember that art is a
reflection one's thoughts and feelings and negative commentary hurts. You don't have to
agree with someone else's beliefs but don't flame their work. If you can't do that, then

2. Please do not post art simply to get a negative reaction from the viewer. If I get a
complaint from someone or I myself am displeased with the messages you are sending with
your artwork I will have to remove it. If you are not sure whether a piece is appropriate
or not then just email me with your work as an attachment and I will tell you.

3. If you want to critique someone's art please be sure that your are supplying helpful
commentary and not just putting them down. If I find out any members are posting rude or
malicious commentary, they will be banned immediately.

4. This kind of goes under the rule of acceptable content but I feel it needs to emphasized.
Absolutely no pornography is allowed here. This community accept erotic art but you must
know that there is a difference between the two. If you want to post porn, there are
wonderful LJ communities that will gladly post your work. Again, if if you're uncertain
whether your work is appropriate, email me.

5. Do not take another member's work and post it elsewhere unless you have asked first and
they gave you permission. Even then you need to credit the artist somehow. If you in fact
"steal" from another member, I will ban you without any warning.

6. If you are displaying multiple images in a single entry, the must be placed under an LJ
Cut. This is simply so your entry doesn't take up a huge amount of space.

7. Do not post art work that does not belong to you unless you have the artist's permission.
If you obtain permission from the artist please be sure that you give him/her credit for their talent.
All you have to do is state who made the piece in your entry and there won't be an issue

8. When you post an image, please also include the following information:
-Artist's Name
-Date Completed
-Artist's Comments

With that said, thank you for visiting The Art Collection. I hope you enjoy this community and all it has to offer.